Considering Injectable Fillers? Here Are Things You Need to Know About Filler Treatments


Ageing, lifestyle and environmental factors can take their toll and have a negative impact on facial skin and tissue. As a result, some of us look for subtle ways to reverse these changes in order to enhance our appearance or improve our facial features.

Whether it is to reduce wrinkles, plump out your lips, improve your jawline or to obtain fuller cheeks, there is a range of cosmetic procedures available. Injectables can do all of these things relatively simply on a walk-in, walk-out basis.

Injectables, commonly known as dermal fillers, are a type of minimally invasive aesthetic treatment commonly administered to add volume and rejuvenate the structure of the skin. Dermal fillers can be used to reverse ageing and improve one’s appearance.

What types of dermal fillers are there?

Temporary Fillers: These  contain substances which are naturally occurring in human skin. With age, there is a reduction of these substances which leads to loss of elasticity, sagging and wrinkling. By replacing these substances, the skin and tissues are rejuvenated. Typically temporary fillers last 6 to 18 months. The newest generation of temporary fillers are crosslinked to add stability and mixed with local anaesthetic, for increased comfort during the treatment. These are the type used by Dr M Szalay.

Semi-Permanent Fillers: Effective on deeper facial lines and large spaces needing volume, semi-permanent dermal fillers have longer lasting results, though the patient may need occasional touch ups post injection.

Permanent Fillers: Permanent fillers have long lasting results. Many patients prefer permanent fillers because of their longevity. Permanent fillers are excellent for lip and cheek enhancement as well as improving the folds that can occur around the nose and mouth.

Experienced Advice

There’s no denying that fillers contribute to a smoother, more youthful facial appearance. But to make sure your treatment is safe and effective with natural results, it is important to find a cosmetic doctor experienced in the use of these products.