Cosmetic Procedures: here’s why non-surgical facial rejuvenation is often a good choice


Hi! I am Dr M Szalay and today I am going to talk about wrinkle injections.

There’s no denying that a significant number of people are not satisfied with their natural look. The ageing process has got a lot to answer for!

Wrinkles, fine line, sagging skin and loss of facial volume that appear as signs of ageing not only affect the facial appearance but can become a source of concern for many.

The good news is there are cosmetic treatments designed to improve various facial flaws and achieve a more youthful appearance.

However, the choices are many and varied and people can easily get confused about the roles of non-surgical and surgical procedures. As someone who has significant experience in performing both non-surgical and surgical facial rejuvenation, I have a good understanding of the pros and cons of both types of procedures.

This article focuses mainly on the uses of non-surgical facial rejuvenation. Non-surgical facial rejuvenation is gaining popularity as a safe yet effective way to enhance facial skin and appearance.

Here are some reasons why patients may opt for non-surgical facial rejuvenation:

Minimal commitment, minimal stress

Non-surgical procedures can yield rewarding results that last for months. Since these results are not permanent, you can always try a certain procedure and repeat them if you are happy with the results. In case the results don’t meet your expectations, you can have a different procedure done after the effects of the previous treatment fade away.

Minimal downtime

There are some patients who aren’t willing or able to invest the required time in recovering from a surgical procedure. Non-surgical procedures have minimal downtime, with side effects typically limited to mild redness, swelling or bruising. The procedure can be performed during the lunch hour and the patient can often get back to their normal life immediately.

Non surgical rejuvenation may be the best cosmetic choice

There can be situations where non surgical treatment can provide a superior cosmetic result. One example is with patients with mild bags of their lower eyelids. If lower eyelid surgery is performed in these patients, it is possible for the lower eyelid to appear hollow. A better option in these patients is to inject some filler to plump out the areas surrounding the bags. This can make the bags less obvious and will not result in hollowness of the lower eyelid.

If you are considering non surgical facial rejuvenation, it is important to consult with an experienced cosmetic doctor who can provide you with balanced advice, taking into account your goals, expectations, age and current facial appearance.

Chin augmentation for improving your profile


Hi! I am Dr Michael Szalay and today I am going to talk about chin augmentation.

The increased popularity of chin augmentation

Both men and women of different age groups are considering chin augmentation to improve their profile.

What are the benefits of chin augmentation?

Chin augmentation can improve your profile when you are viewed side-on. It does this in two ways. Firstly, enhancing the size of an underdeveloped chin improves the profile by providing more projection to the chin.

Secondly, the improved projection of the chin stretches the neck skin underneath the chin which may be loose. This also improves the profile.

How is chin augmentation performed?

There are two ways chin augmentation can be carried out.

The simplest way is to inject filler in the region of the chin on achieve the desired projection. Both temporary fillers and permanent fillers can be used. This is convenient for the patient as it can be carried out on a walk-in, walk-out basis and is relatively quick. A possible disadvantage is that if your chin is particularly recessed, large volumes of filler may be required which may not be cost-effective.

A second way to augment the chin is to surgically have a silicone implant inserted. An advantage of this method is that significant enhancement can be achieved which is permanent. A possible disadvantage is that finer nuances, dents or asymmetries cannot be corrected with a chin implant. If this concerned a patient, some filler could be added following the chin implant.

Consulting the right doctor

It is important to consult with a doctor who is experienced in performing the procedure. Your doctor should be able to show you examples of previous chin enhancements which he has performed.

Following is an example of a chin augmentation performed by Dr Szalay. More examples can be seen at


Results can very among individuals. Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

What Are the Three Most Common Cosmetic Surgery Procedures for Women?


Hi! I am Dr M Szalay and I am going to talk about top common cosmetic surgery procedures.

Determining which cosmetic surgery is the most popular among women can be difficult because not everybody is willing to talk about such procedures. Still, there is enough data available online to determine which cosmetic surgeries are the most common.

The information indicates that these are the most popular varieties of cosmetic surgery:

  1. Breast Augmentation: 

The most popular and widely researched procedure in Australia is breast augmentation and implants, according to The Glow1. Breast augmentation was the most common variety of cosmetic surgery in the United States as well with 290,000 procedures performed in 2013, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons2.

It should be noted here that these figures refer to all varieties of breast augmentation, including breast lifts as well as breast implants. Contrary to popular belief, there are actually several varieties of breast augmentation, some of which do not involve implants.

2. Rhinoplasty3 or Nose Reshaping:

Interestingly enough, more women are unhappy with the appearance of their nose than you might think. Around 221,000 ladies in the United States underwent a “nose job” in 2012.4 It is also the second most researched cosmetic surgery in Australia.5

It should be noted here that rhinoplasty can sometimes be performed for a medical reason, such as to correct breathing problems, as well as for cosmetic ones. The procedure is also performed after accidents in order to fix injuries such as a broken nose and to restore a woman’s natural appearance.

Other reasons for the procedure include correcting upturned nostrils and eliminating unsightly bumps from the nose. Many women also want to change the tip of their nose.

3. Tummy Tuck or Abdominoplasty6:

The removal of excess fat and skin from the belly is the third most popular cosmetic surgery in Australia.7 Many women undergo it as they age and their skin starts sagging.

It is also easy to see why this procedure is so popular in Australia; many women want to preserve that beach body as long as possible. It should be noted that this procedure is not necessarily related to weight loss. Instead, it is performed because a woman has flabby skin even though she maintains a healthy weight level and remains in shape. Some women may also have other factors such as post pregnancy scars, ethnic heritage, and damage to the skin from prior surgery.

The good news is that you are far from alone if you are looking into cosmetic surgery. Millions of women all over the world and tens of thousands of ladies in Australia are undergoing these procedures. The statistics confirm that wanting to change or improve your appearance is not unusual or abnormal.


Results can very among individuals. Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.