Why Choose A Minimally Invasive Facelift or Necklift? – I


Hi! I am Dr M Szalay and I have performed over 900 facelifts and necklifts using a minimally invasive technique I call the Lift-Plus.

I have found that the typical patient that I see for a face-lift is well informed and likes to know how my technique differs from other facelifts.

If you have significant sagging of the face or neck, you are likely to require tightening of the deep tissue (smas) layer.


The SMAS is the firm layer of tissue lying above your muscles which supports your face. In the neck, the SMAS blends into a muscle called the platysma, which supports your neck (see diagram).



As you age, the SMAS and platysma weaken, causing parts of your face and neck to sag and possibly wrinkle (see diagram below).

Ageing Face

Ageing Face

Tightening the SMAS, lifts your tissues into a more youthful position.


A standard facelift can only reach the SMAS by peeling the skin back extensively (see diagram).

Facelift Peel

Facelift Peel

The potential problem with this technique is that after the SMAS has been tightened, and after the skin is has been laid back down again, a large space is present which can collect a large pool of blood (haematoma). This is a very painful condition and threatens the viability of the skin. Another potential problem is that the extensive peeling of skin can damage the blood supply to the skin, causing skin necrosis, or death of the skin.


With the Lift-Plus, the SMAS is reached with fine hollow needles inserted through the skin using a specialized technique. Fine sutures are used to lift and then secure the SMAS, resulting in a firmer and rejuvenated appearance of the face. This innovative technique involves minimal peeling back of the skin (see diagram).

facelift minimal skin peel

Facelift Minimal Skin Peel

Because there is minimal peeling back of the skin with this method, the blood supply to the skin is preserved and there is little room for any blood to collect. The arrows on the diagram show the areas where the sutures are inserted and the direction of the lift. See more here

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner. For more information visit www.precisioncosmetic.com.au

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