What are other advantages of Polyurethane Breast Implants?


Hi! I am Dr Michael Szalay and today I am going to talk about Polyurethane breast implants.

Before moving on to another advantage of polyurethane implants, it is important to consider 3 other possible complications of breast implants-implant dropping, implant stretching of the breast tissue and implant flipping.

Implant dropping is when the implant slides down the chest so that it drops below the incision site. As this happens, the incision scar rides up higher on to the breast and the nipple also rides up higher on the breast. Eventually,it is possible for the nipple to be so high that it pokes out of the top of the bra. Here is an image of bottoming out from the Internet.

This is when the weight of the implant can stretch the breast tissue, which can result in some sagging of the breast.

This is when a round implant actually turns completely on itself so that the flat undersurface faces forwards (instead of the round curved surface). This usually occurs as a result of the implant stretching the breast tissue with time and creating loosening of the pocket which contains the implant. As a result of the implant flipping, the breast changes shape and looks abnormal. Whilst both smooth and textured implants can flip, it is rare with polyurethane implants.

Before moving on to how these risks can be minimized with polyurethane implants, it is important to remind all patients with breast implants that the best way to reduce the chance of these problems occurring is to wear a bra. Gravity wants to take those implants downwards and a bra can help stop that. A bra, or other support is especially important in the first 6 weeks after surgery but my recommendation is to always support your implants to keep them looking good.

Whilst polyurethane implants can sometimes drop, the manufacturers of polyurethane implants provide a 10 year warranty against these implants dropping or flipping. The manufacturers of standard smooth or textured implants do not offer this warranty. Because polyurethane implants bind to surrounding tissue, many polyurethane implants can be placed above muscle. Here is a patient in whom I used 390cc moderate profile round polyurethane implants, above muscle. More photos can be found here. Advantages of polyurethane teardrop implants can be found here.

Breast 11 Brazilian 390cc Round Medium Profile Above Muscle

Results can very among individuals. Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.For more information visit www.precisioncosmetic.com.au

3 thoughts on “What are other advantages of Polyurethane Breast Implants?

  1. Karen B

    Hi just a question if someone is allergic to latex and rubber can they still get breast implants?? or is silicon similar and would cause a reaction??

    If yes then what other options are available to increase breast size??


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